Nalantha Educational Trust

Who We Are

The NALANTHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST is a grass root NGO working in the cause of advancing sustainable development in transforming our world. NALANTHA helps to provide the mechanism and support needed for the local communities to solve humanity’s basic problems.

Nalantha is initiated in 2000 by a handful of young group of social workers and prominent visionaries, NALANTHA has quickly become one of the NGO’S who work for the welfare and wellbeing of the local communities mainly for Children, Women and Elders that are committed to the ideals of eradicating poverty, justice, and wellbeing for all humanity.

Concerned with universal values shared across the barriers of politics, culture, religion, race and ethnicity, NALANTHA worked in partnership across those barriers, thereby weaving a selfless social fabric essential to establishing the Sustainable Development. By optimizing resources and sharing vital information, Nalantha provides a service to the target communities with the support of local and Government and International bodies.


NALATHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST is Non – Profit organization whose mission is to serve its target communities and member organizations, by attaining sustainable development whereby the people can get abundant and reliable future

1. To unite NGOs National wide in the cause of advancing world peace, as well as well-being at all levels - individual, family, tribal and national.

2. To assist our member organizations in accomplishing their tasks relative to creating a better society and world: economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally;

3. To train the farmers community to make them strong and unified in creating new ideas in farming and uplifting the Organic Agriculture method.

4. To unite Volunteers from World Wide and make them to work towards the liftment of Nation and their passion and also to support the grass root NGOs.

5. To unite NGOs National wide and support them to reach their Vision by giving training and volunteership activities.

6. To give greater voice to smaller NGOs beyond their borders to attain the sustainable development to transform the world.

7. To provide training and conferences as a foundation among the rural communities for the building of moral and healthy individuals, families, societies, and nations.

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