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Overview & Need of Volunteers:

In recent days lot of grass roots ngo’s are not able to pay high level salary to their staffs for their project works because, 70% of the international grants had not reached to grass root ngo’s. But National level ngo’s are scraping lot of funds from their strong donor’s network with national and international funding organizations. But there is major requirement in grass root level in all the social issues.

In developing countries, the grass root NGO’s are not in a situation to give much pay for their staff due to their financial condition, and also the small ngo’s are not having accommodation facilities for the International volunteers. Hence due to lack of staff the grass root ngo’s are facing lot of problem in implementing their projects in grass root level with locally available resources.

In our 30 years of experience in social field, 80% of the volunteerism was reduced and the entire field goes for “PAY AND USE”. But there is lot of needs in grass root level in all the social issues.

Hence we strongly believe that “There is a need for Volunteerism in this Time and we are in a situation of Re – generating the voluntary system” in developing countries. Even many international volunteers are ready to work for such grass root NGO’s.

But most of the international volunteers can mobilize their travel expenses and reach to developing countries. But they cannot pay for their food and accommodation expenses during their volunteer’s period.

International Volunteers Home” (IVH) - Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu South India.

We are happy to announce the “International Volunteers Home” (IVH) - Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu South India for international volunteers who come from different countries. The IVH is located in 13 K.Ms away from the District headquarters of Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. Frequent Transport facilities were available for the volunteers. And the home location is eco-friendly with required facilities and also safe and secure for volunteers.


IVF is situated very close to two hill stations; hence it will be very useful for the research volunteers who are undergoing their research in environmental, wild life, eco - tourism for the international volunteers.

In 2020, 20 numbers of international volunteers is to be admitted and provided Food and accommodation. The project cost is given by Nalantha Trust and that funds will be met by the income of Anbalaya Rest Home for aged.

Activities of the IVH.

The interested International volunteers work with Nalantha projects and SDGS NETWORK projects in and around of South Tamil Nadu. Other direct volunteers from nearby districts are also allowed to stay and go for their invited ngo’s works.

The research volunteers also can stay in this home and can over take their research in all the fields. Fresh volunteers who were interested in volunteering and have lack of experience will be trained by Nalantha team in their projects practically.

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