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NGOs are invaluable to development, the work of strengthening democracy and building social capacities worldwide.

But NGOs and its family of organizations have the additional need to develop the know-how and to build effective networks of relationships.

Having learned through our own experience, which the capacity of each NGO’s team of staff, interns and volunteers directly impacts the NGO’s ability to fulfill its mission.

The NGO Academy has taken up the mission of providing training needed by the Farmers, NGO’s, Volunteer’s —and those interested in preparing to do so in the future.


NGO academy focuses on development of management competences and addresses a huge variety of topics related to them.

1. Farmers community

2. NGO Network

3. Volunteers Community

4. Youth Community


Resources & Innovation:

It includes topics related to the various resources an organization uses and depends on and their acquisition, as well as innovation management as a mean to create, identify and introduce new resources into existing systems (eg: fundraising, community involvement, innovation management, social entrepreneurship opportunity, new farming technology, etc.)

Planning & Implementation:

This part includes the training to plan and implement the new technologies, working practices, development in various farming, NGO developing and in other sectors.

Sustaining Success:

It includes the training on sustainability of the projects and new implementations and other projects developments.

Local Focus:

This includes the focuses on implementing of projects and other supports with the help of the locally available resources.


NALANTHA NGO academy is located in the eco-friendly SARANALAYA CAMPUS. And this campus is easy to mobilize the farmer’s community, Youth community, Volunteers community and NGO group.

NALANTHA ACADEMY has well trained expertise persons in each field to give training to our beneficiaries.

And also we have well equipped practical area in implementing project sample and other farming programs.

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