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We work on innovative project which helps people get prevent and stay away from the COVID-19. It is a outbreak spreading worldwide causing loss of lives and massive decimation of our economies is pushing us to unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

This spoil the livelihood of people and in Tamilnadu daily wages people, homeless are affected lot. This is lead to loss of normality of day to day life. So at this situation we work on welfare of the people. We came a step forward and help people to stay away from the covid-19.


Anbalaya is one of the key initiatives of Nalantha which run throughout the year. Anbalaya have the well-furnished and pleasing atmosphere well suited for elderly persons who like to spend their remaining life in peaceful atmosphere for short term and long term due to their family situation like family disintegration, children in abroad and not able to take care of their parents and the bed ridden elders who are unable to take care in their home can stay here with the nominal monthly charges.

In Anbalaya eldres are provided with individual or combined rooms based on their comfort ability, provided with nutritious food, medical and nursing care, recreating and psycho-counseling. Presently the organization has the capacity of 40 elders in home.

We are undergoing few projects:

  • We are running a Shelter for urban Homeless people for the past 3 years in Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India. In that now totally 100 homeless people are staying in our organsaiton. They suffer for prevention materials for COVID-19, We provide them precaution materials like food and safety materials with the support of local Government/Nalantha.
  • Dindigul district is an industrial center there small and large industries located. Minimum 50 to 100 people work as the temporary daily wages. There income is based only on the day earning due to lockdown by the government most affected are daily wages people and 100 days wages people agriculture and transport oriented daily wages people. And people who work on precaution and cleaning work we provide safety like mask and sanitizers.
  • WATER TANK WITH WASH BASIN fitted in mobile van and it will provided hand wash sanitizes. This mobile van can be located in common places where people are crowded like-vegetable market, medical shops, hotels grocery shop, hospital etc.,This system is more effective which gives quick response this will stop spreading the diseases.
This gives great awareness to general public. This system is more economical.
We need your continues support for our upcoming project .join hand with us to serve people.


Saranalaya is contrary to Anbalaya, it is the free rest home for destitute elders and who are unable to pay towards their needs and have no one to take care of them.

Here the elders are provided with eco friendly and spacious living place with nutritious food, hygiene materials, clothing, medical support and recreational activities throughout the year.


Sirumalai Hills are located on the eastern edge of Dindigul district with the tons of Natural resources. The modernization and tourism became the threat to the natural resources of hills and the rare species live there due to the maximum plastic utilization and the waste thrown in the hills.

Hence Nalantha continued to make the awareness on the Plastic eradication to the target people who live in the sub mountain region of Sirumalai hills, school children, tourists, Private resorts, hotels and big farms that raised nurseries in large numbers for Commercial purpose.

The awareness was conducted by creating and distributing various IEC materials on plastic pollution, Wild life Conservation, Water and Natural resources conservation in Sirumalai Hills.

The program includes the mass cleaning campus conducted with the participants of School Children and youths.



India is a Country of agriculture and most of the people live on agriculture. Conventional agricultural pratice,unstable prices of agriculture produce,land pollution because of the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides drive away the farming community from agriculture.

To sustain the farming community and to save the nature of the land without any pollution Nalantha has organized the framing community to give awareness and training on Organic farming using locally available resources for ecological friendly sustainable agriculture.

Nearly 500 framers were formed into 20 groups where each group consists of 25 farmers and were training and awareness program based on Organic farming and the formation of chemical free Vermi compost pit from their agriculture waste.

And the training may lead to the ecofriendly farming practices among the farming community and also will improve the human and envirronmental health.

And also Nalantha look forward to scale- up the program by extending it to the Farmers training institute to motivate the young farmers to do the better agriculture practices.


Rural Healthcare is one of the biggest issues in rural areas. The health education in must amount the rural areas where the key challenges in the health care domain are poor accountability, low-quality care and mainly lack of health awareness education.

Hence Nalantha pay attention to this and selected nearly 100 rural school children between the age groups 5 -14 around the target rural areas and the awareness training were given addressing issues of water and sanitation, hygiene, mosquito control, personal health care, vaccination and illness prevention. Various IEC displays and fun filled programs were organized during these Programs to create the awareness among the children.


Biodiversity and Conservation is connected to similar disciplines like environmental science, natural resource management and animal science, Hence Nalantha had organized the Bio diversity awareness program in 1 school in our target area nearly 7 students attended the awareness training program.

This training includes the reason for the depletion of bio diversity due to the result of habitat loss, excessive exploitation of resources, climate changes, diseases, pollution, poaching of animals ect, and also on conservation of landscapes , Biodiversity informatics, evolution and biodiversity and habitat managements.

And this awareness program made the participant to know more about the conservation of Bio diversity


Nalantha took the major step in helping the homeless Elder, children and women in Kancheepuram Municipality.

This shelter is permanent, running throughout the year with the following facilities

a)   Well ventilated rooms.

b)   Water arrangements (Potable drinking water and other needs) and sanitation.

c)   Adequate bathing & toilet facilities.

d)   Standard lighting for shelter.

e)   Adequate fire protection measures, as per the norms.

f)   First aid kit.

g)   Pest and vector (mosquito) control

h)   Regular cleaning of blankets, mattresses and sheets, and maintenance of other services.

i)   Common kitchen/cooking space, necessary utensils for cooking and serving, cooking gas connections etc.

j)   Child care facilities for children by linking the shelter to the nearest Anganwadi Centers

And this program is the major success for Nalantha by facilitation nearly 100 beneficiaries with proper food and shelter.

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